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$100,000 from 10 customers? Can it Be True? How to start and Internet Business- Make Extra Money Online

Author: Online Business Advisor

$100,000 from 10 customers? Can it Be True? Obviously that level of income from such a small number of customers *may* seem a little unbelievable at first and to begin with I was a little dubious as well. However, when I discovered that this strategy had been created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, (two guys well known聽 for their high quality material and innovative ideas), it suddenly caught my attention  Authentic Clayton Keller Jersey , especially when I learned that scaled up, the numbers stack up like this: 5 customers = $50,000 10 customers = $100,000 50 customers = $500,000 100 customers = $1,000  Marian Hossa Jersey ,000 This is a VERY unusual type of online business, one that I had not previously thought of... and if you're short of time be VERY sure to watch this short video because when you see the specific details, you'll quickly understand how and why this really works: What's even more facinating is that in order to do this yourself, you don't need any previous experience with internet marketing (you learn as you go along) and they will give also you absolutely everything you need to get started. Frankly, the FACTS speak for themselves... - There is a huge market demand for this. - The ecomomic downturn actually BENEFITS this type of business. - You dont need to be an expert in Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization. - You don't need any addtional investment. - Between 5 to 10 customers will create a six figure income and allow you to quit your job. This is conclusive proof that the potential here is extraordinary and I highly recommend that you check out this video as soon as possible: Speak soon, George

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Finding the best tried and test on-line business that really can give you financial freedom .


In this article  Jason Demers Jersey , we will concentrate on cause and effect language. The uses of Cause and effect (CE) language are many in business.


Let's define the term. Cause and Effect is where some person rightly or wrongly ascribes some effect (outcome) to a cause (stimulus).


If you think about it, all beliefs use cause and Effect to describe what the belief is. An example of this is, "I believe that persuasion skills will cause a sales person to be successful." Let's examine this. The "cause" is persuasion skills, and the effect is success, right? In other words, you could simply say  Michael Grabner Jersey , "persuasion skills cause success." Now, let's discover why this pattern is important in business and how you can use it.


Since people use the cause and effect pattern to describe what they believe is true, it can have a very powerful impact on people you deal with when you use it in your language. Think for just a moment about something that you believe in. In fact write it down. (you may have expressed your belief using only half of the equation such as, " I believe persuasion is good", or "A win - win attitude is necessary. If you did that you have deleted the other half of your belief. Therefore to recover it you might ask yourself at the end of what you wrote, because? or  Alex Goligoski Jersey , so that? This will uncover the rest of your belief. Using the above example "A win - win attitude is necessary", let's uncover the rest. So I say, because? and the answer for me is, "everyone is benefited". Therefore I could state the entire belief as "A win - win attitude is good because everyone is benefited." The cause in that sentence is win - win attitude and the effect is everyone is benefited. Make sure then that you have written you belief using the above technique so that both halves of your belief is stated.)


Think about that belief for just a moment now. How do you feel when you say it to yourself. If you are like most people you have a sense that, "well of course that's true". How would you like to have people thinking that way about what you present as you're presenting it? Let me show you the pattern because simply using it will cause people to begin to believe in what you are saying far more than before you learned to use it. The pattern looks like this:


X Causes Y


What's unique about this is that any X can cause any Y. They do not have to be linked by logic. In fact this is the structure of logic (or as you have learned above, the structure of beliefs). People attempt to make you believe something is logical by stating things using this pattern. An example of this is: Reading this column causes you to realize the value that's contained in it for you. What's the X? Reading the column  Oliver Ekman-Larsson Jersey , right? What's the Y? Realizing the value, true? Now, I ask you, is there really any connection between reading this column and realizing value? If you believe that there is then I have been successful in my use of Cause and Effect. Really, though your mind simply connects that some X (reading the column) causes some Y (realizing value for you). Let me give you another one. Thinking about how you can use this pattern allows you to determine how much more persuasive you'll be as you adopt it into your normal language. Again, do you see how using the pattern makes what's said more persuasive?


Here is a list of words that you can use to link the X and Y together.




Here's a few more examples. Desiring to increase your persuasion skills enables you to start to use this pattern. Listening to what I say to you today will allow you to come to the understanding that our firm can assist you in the ways you need most, right now.


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