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So far in my life, I have traveled to many places and no matter what country it is I have visited  Black Michael Roberts Jersey , someone somewhere says ?Behold! Jesus is coming!? I think to myself and why not? I feel it is about time that someone comes to make a huge difference in our lives because as we know, the state of our planet these days is not exactly the most desirable of states to exist in.


Each day of our lives, one way or another and whether we see it or not, we are reminded that every event which takes place in our world is a test of our faith and our understanding of the Universe. We seem to have forgotten the essence of our being here and are in dire need of someone  Black Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey , whom in a few words can change our lives for the better. Many people are praying for a Messiah to come along and provide us with the answers we need to help the many Souls who lost and disconnected from the real essence of their being here in the first place.


The reality is that Messiah or not, we have many teachers, guides and inspirational people of whom share their own truths to help us in our journey of life every day, yet do we really listen? Do we really appreciate the answers that we are already hearing? I am not sure that we do.


Many of us are praying for a Messiah but are you able to specify exactly what it is you want and need from a Messiah? Have you asked yourself to define your expectations of a Messiah? If Jesus Christ came along tomorrow do you think you would be ready to accept his presence in your life  Black Kenny Golladay Jersey , let alone handle what he had to say?


If the Soul of Jesus Christ were to reincarnate into our world again at this time, do you think he would show up in old robes and sandals? I don't think so, as with any other Soul, he would have to come in a form that was appropriate to blend into our society at this day and age.


This time around the Soul of Jesus Christ could possibly choose to reincarnate into our world as a woman called Jennifer for example. Do you think you could accept that woman Jennifer as your Messiah? Also  Black Teez Tabor Jersey , Jennifer could be just 21 years old, yet extremely wise, knowledgeable and enlightened in terms of Universal Awareness, could you handle that young woman being more are than you are  Black Jarrad Davis Jersey , or might that be a problem for many is us here?


I feel that yes, this would be a difficult situation for many of us to accept because at the present time many of our societies, women are still considered to be inferior of the sexes, meaning their words and opinions are of no value to many of the men in those societies. And now  Black Kerryon Johnson Jersey , what are we going to do because Jesus is coming, yet no-one knows the form he or she will take?


Is Jesus Christ already back in this world living as your next door neighbor waiting for hisher time to speak up and do the work that heshe was destined to do in this world? Or is Jesus Christ already a world leader, somewhere in our world? How can we ever know?


Is Jesus Christ already here in a position of power as we would expect him to be, not a simple young woman? Perhaps he is here in the form of one of our world leaders  Black Frank Ragnow Jersey , although I doubt that very much as many of our world leaders these days are corrupt and their interests lie not in the people but the companies who helped bring them to their leadership role. Most people know that! We also know that Jesus Christ would never fit amongst those people because his intentions are pure.


So who or what do you expect Jesus to be? I mean it is time to b.  Cheap NFL Shirts    Cheap NBA Hats    Cheap College Jerseys    Cheap Baseball Hoodies    Cheap College Hoodies Free Shipping    Cheap Jerseys China    Cheap NHL Jerseys From China    Cheap New NFL Jerseys    Wholesale College Basketball Jerseys    Cheap Basketball Jerseys China 

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