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which have been set in place previously
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This is where things get even harder - hackers have made workarounds to ensure that regardless of what occurs, they won't get caught. With a fantastic enough auto-CC, they may vanish and never be captured since a GM will never find them directly. They will never get the 'proof' that's currently required to prohibit because of these primitive rules which Cheap Maplestory Mesos have been set in place previously. Without that proof, the hackers are still hack and continue to get away with what they do because GMs lack the visible proof to eliminate them. And when they are eliminated? They come back a couple of weeks later with no position, making them EVEN more difficult to monitor and find, providing them an invisible cloak to keep hacking under.

With these obsolete tools, they can't keep up with hackers since they may be prevented so easily. And that nonsense of whispering a player to find out whether they're hacking... is the worst method I have ever seen in my entire life. People in my server are currently trying to receive one of the most well known hackers banned, yet this player remains at the computer the whole time since they bot and macro, so the moment a GM whispers them asks 'hey, are you there?' I have reported this player personally nearly seven days and nothing has been done about him. They can't find him so that they whisper him, he replies, and he's free to continue hacking again. How is this an actual method of attempting to discern if a individual is not?

And while I'm on this massive tangent about giving hackers invisibility to keep on doing what they're doing, WHY IS OFFLINE MODE A THING?! There is absolutely no motive for offline mode to exist besides being online without needing other people to see you online. It serves absolutely no other function besides providing people an instrument to hide so that they could macro or bot without being captured as readily. However they could go and hide wherever they want if you don't go through the bother of shifting to each and every channel with a Hyper Teleport Rock, opening the product MS2 Mesos, typing their name in and seeking to teleport to them. And in the chance they are hacking in a map such as Kritias, you are unable to get to them regardless of what since Kritias is a zone that can not be teleported into or teleported from. A hacker is completely and utterly safe in Kritias due to the very way the game is constructed, and nothing was done about this ever.
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