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Sinusitis and the way of treatment
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hamid rezaiee
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Written by Dr. Dec 28, 1396
Sinusitis and treatment: Within the facial bones, there are cavities called sinuses. Each of these holes has a nasal duct. Of these cavities, clear discharge normally enters the nose. The amount of discharge in an adult over a 24-hour period reaches about 1 liter. The presence of these secretions is very important for the health of the sinuses and nose and the clearance of the air entering the lungs.

In some cases and in some people, the level and quality of these secretions (concentration, color, and odor) may change and cause a problem for the individual. In people with nasal congestion, the amount of these secretions is too much. In patients with sinusitis, we also experience a change in color, concentration and smell of these secretions.

Sinus function does not just end up with these secretions but also has other benefits:

The sinuses have a great effect on the pleasure of a person's voice. In the event of a clogging of these holes or nose, the voice of the individual is called.
The presence of these hollow cavities inside the facial bones results in lowering the serum weight.
The sinusoidal holes act as a bumpers, so when facial bumps occur, the facial bone fracture decreases with the severity of the impact and the least damage to the skull and ultimately the brain.

Definition of sinusitis:

Inflammation and swelling of the sinuses The sinusitis is said to have more infectious or allergic origin. These inflammations are divided into two acute and chronic categories:


Acute sinusitis:

Sinusitis with an allergic source causes swelling in the nasal mucosa and sinuses, resulting in blockages between the sinuses and the nose. In these conditions, the secretion of the sinuses and nose also increases, causing infection.

Chronic sinusitis:

In the chronic sinusitis, the sinus connective nerve is blocked for a long time in nose. The main symptom of the posterior throat is infectious secretions that usually do not respond to medication and the only way out of nasal surgery. Chronic sinusitis is performed in both conventional and endoscopic procedures. In the usual way, the contents are discharged into the sinuses and, in the endoscopic way, the sinuses open to the nose.

Patients who intend to perform a nasal discharge can also treat sinusitis at the same time if they have sinusitis.
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Eulalia D
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Thanks for the reliable information. I would love to share this post with my other friends and family members as well. This was actually so enlightening and the reliable update for the people have this knowledge.
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