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the opportunity to seek to Germany of
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In fact the gold wall Hui is also very nervous, fear to translate code machine be searched out.O.K. these cargo vessels constructed designed complicated and dark room, a few suitcases still divide a ship to hide, A.J. Griffin Jersey so unless send to a ship shipyard patience of tear open steel plate and piping, otherwise so smallly translate code machine very difficult disheveled hair now.As for oil-field, this originally be up requested her the opportunity to seek to Germany of, use to change tall ship to leave at the right moment now. Because the soldier of water starts an earnest check and appears some rashness to move inside the tall ship, gold wall the heart of the Hui also hangs.And he knows, even if led this to close, according to the German's temper also affirmation will confiscate tall ship detention, words like that, even if search not and come out perhaps to also have no the opportunity return to domestic.Is unusually lucky, German water soldier sends back flag signal after the about an hour and call to discover several hundred Poland well-known technique talented person and the professor of the university, inquiring to want don't detain.The space thunder hole Pu the colonel Be wrinkly to knit the brows, in fact the world distinguished protects too much of intelligence report have already Adrian Beltre Jersey told him, this China transport of is a technical personnel in great quantities and Poland.These people are useless to Germany, but don't represent Germany will release them. The gold wall Hui loosenned tone, the space thunder hole Pu colonel obviously was influenced decision.However the boats and ships wants to leave didn't°yet so simple, German's affirmation can't let tall ship with these Poland the elite leave Baltic.Indeed as expected, the space thunder after axing the Pu colonel deadlock a short while makes decision:"You can not leave!Have to return to Germany with me." "Colonel, don't you really intend to contact thunder virtuous Er commander-in-chief first?Do you prepare to end this war with the coal?"Saw be not searched, gold wall the Hui is loose tone. "Ms. Jin, I don't understand your meaning." "You don't need to be understand, as long as take a news for me the virtuous Er commander-in-chief is to the thunder, my colleague has an oil-field!It is considering selling." Oil-field?Want to sell an oil-field!The space thunder hole Pu colonel imitated a Buddha to hear the affair that had better smile.The virtuous relation isn't good, particularly is Germany in now toward after Soviets sell weapon to sign friendly treaty, two country relations take a sudden turn and develop rapidly, bad have no mutual deportation diplomat.How may China sell oil-field to Germany this time?Said again, the oil-fields of China all in Persian gulf, even if Germany buys under, also have no to this battlefield of help.
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