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camp to accept a check
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#1 am 12.01.2020 um 14:52 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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At 10:00 A.M. March 25, stir Atlantic is uneasy living of the riddle bottom be finally in the Broadway theater revealed.The west section Er Si radicle rents the whole theater for the Poland refugee government of head and produced the image and evidence of bloodbath to several hundred reporters of world-wide locationses.
Vibrate!Weep over!Tears and exasperation!All persons who watch drive Soviets this kind of is getting more foolish for exterminating Poland an elite personnel but intentionally for it of massacring aring surprised!No one will think that the war is clean, but peacetime this kind of affair each soldier of all countries stem get up all very hidden, be like so be publicly executed tens of thousands white men still be taken down of, really is very unique!Most cut up rough of BE, this massacre is obviously designing, connect a civilian post personnel, educator, scientist and even the clergies all collectively execute.Directly and by hand the gun close quarter aims at the lens that the head opens fire and really let a can not stand from the American of Xu civilization.Wait to finally know total death number more than 43,000 people, 4,000 among those people basically aren't soldiers after aring not soldiers, everyone pours to absorb a people's air conditioner!
Although and someone doubts image true or false, as long as rational persons can know, Poland the refugee government dare to release news in world's most prosperous New York, affirm to have enough evidence!
They didn't guess wrong, after several hours of bloodbath record slice broadcasts to complete, 1 disappears already a long time, the person that once caused intelligence report field in all countries sensation suddenly jumped a surface.
The confidant that follows behind Stalin for more than 10 years, Soviets before agree bureau chief Ka, domestic affairs troops commander, the most serious Pan escapes the affairs manufacturing Yi any rice Er on Soviets history!
Change an individual to probably there is also controversy, but the emergence of this name, canceled the doubt of 90%.《Butcher!》《The executioner of Georgia!》《To the whole crime of personal world!》《Save Poland!》《Exterminate a Soviets!》.Whole beautiful newspaper moments are filled with by bloodbath news and the headline that a cause false alarm crowded explode.But this is still still not enough!Peking and Shanghai, Singapore and benefit are graceful, Cairo, the Yi Si Tan cloth Er and Paris, London and Berlin, New York and Torondo, Sydney and saint protect Luo in short 48 hours, several thousand copies a quilt to jilt at the same time, Best Hunting Knife the whole worlds all drew in to the denouncing orally and in writing of Soviets with rebuke.
U.S. Congress and Red Cross immediately get involved and declare that the set sets up to unite a survey set, and send out to publicly ask to inquire telegram toward Soviets government, ask for opening captive's camp to accept a check, Mr. shows if the person in the appearance is still on the hoof
Wire back very quickly, but only four words.
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