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still have a bulky cannon tube
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Five long, behind seem voice."White Lai Long three stations just search out of in the fishing boat, hear after death have a changes, immediately let go of shake Lu push under take a bag of refined sugar of five long.Sugar is an important strategic supplies, so the Japan's Imperial Army Best Hunting Knife arrive each time a meeting from door to door of collection.Five grow a hearts all on the refined sugar, don't notice an inside deep and low engine voice in air.Until the white Lai reminds just stand up:"Machine ship, affirmation is a machine ship.Too good!The friend signs a gentleman and readies to a machine gun!White Lai, turn around to depend pass by!We give allied captain a surprise."
Five long after listenning to clear voice, excitedly yell.To know their collection all to is the small fishing boat that takes several individuals once if there is a machine ship, the troops passes of the speed will be quickly a lot of.The machine rifleman immediately crouches down, greatly positive 11 types slanting pair of son light machine gun is in the ship's bow.White Lai part the turn simultaneously feel suspicious, Meng bore again be not what town, and how can organic ship?Is the enemy who has to expect to fill down?Also not to, have to expect to fill of ship all at division long hand in, that again is where of ship?
White Lai in the mind less and less Anne, the two"sea snake"s amphibious tank has already rounded a sand bank to appear at visual field in.The low short shape of almost even surface blocks the white wave that the plank arises, let white Lai and five grow dumbstruck, what is that ?"The artillery is an artillery!"Doing not wait they to make is understand, take aim at of machine rifleman but frighten yell, because he sees and blocks the back of the plank to still have a bulky cannon tube.
"Open fire!"
Use an artillery in Shui-li will reduce slow speed, so the tank hand immediately uses together the stalk machine gun aims at to right against the face drive of boat."Si Si......."Like voice pulling cloth sort, Best Hunting Knife two tongue of fires are fierce blunt but, moment white the boat of the Lai the side up appear a way water pillar."Pay that, is pay that person!Shoot!"The machine gun strafes, let five long and white Lai moment understand opponent is who, ship's bow of slanting make the son machine gun teeing off a string of bullet immediately toward the sea snake.To say that the gun sight of Japanese machine rifleman compares the marine of first time three wars to be good friends with very quick tee off a string of Mars in blocking plank and armor.
"Eight Gas are an armor!Withdraw!"Five long the gun seeing machine have no effect and see with half an eye these 2 to be like similar thing of tortoise to contain armor protection.But at this time already late, two stand a HJ32 machine gun soon since the childhood small fishing boat deck up once sweep, include white Lai at inside of 5 people all be killed.
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