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about 20 behind her back inside
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The Teng green mountain shakes head a way, "I have never ascended university."In fact even that glasses are all false, Be just simple camouflage.
  "You, you ……" Lin Qing's brain is completely disorderly.
  "Is sorry, had been cheating you, Best Hunting Knife said that my house is to cheat you in the mountain area, said to just finish university, similarly cheated you."The Teng green mountain is thin to say with smile, " Lin Qing, I really have an important affair, your inconvenience blends therein.So I have been cheating you.Many things explain very complex, the best way, your aring has never seen me."
  Lin Qing originally feels a Teng green mountain mysterious, that because the Teng green mountain is big interest Anne Ling reveal in the northeast of astonishing real strenght, terrible physique.But now, Lin Qing adds to feel the Teng green mountain being getting more mysterious more.
  "When haven't seen you?"Lin Qing stares at a Teng green mountain.
  The Teng green mountain point nods.
  Lin Qing feels to get a Teng green mountain to conceal in the inhospitality of heart bottom and seem to resist other people's contact and understand him!
  "You have been aring cheating me, , do you prohibit to fully make up me for a while?"Lin Qing counter-questions a way.
  "Make up?"Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly.
  "Today favour?"Lin Qing connects to ask a way.
  The Teng green mountain is tiny to nod:"In the afternoon, I want beside of the coffee shop is foolish for a while noon."
  "It is very good."Lin Qing smiles to nod, " I request to be not tall either, you drinks tea here, I beside accompany.You go to a coffee shop in the afternoon.I also go to a coffee shop, I can beside accompany.If you have to see what guest.I don't admix be.I am to want with foolish day.How?"
  There are some doubts in the Teng green mountain, be just for the sake of and is oneself foolish day?
  If the other party simply wants beside, oneself blocks to also block not to live.
  "It is all right."The Teng green mountain nods, while Lin Qing peeped out one silk smiling face.

 Willow tea agency flank not the white cloud coffee shop in the distance, the Teng green mountain is as opposite as Lin Qing but sit, soon, the suns all fell mountain.
  "It is well quick."Lin Qing saw one in addition to eye window, she don't realize horary passage at all today, Best Hunting Knife but have been already passed by for a day and immediately see toward the opposite Teng green mountain, on Lin Qing Lian not from peep out one silk serene smiling face, whenever see a Teng green mountain, she always feels very comfortable, oneself that always completely helpless heart can fall calm.
  At the beginning, the Teng green mountain ran about 20 behind her back inside hill path, the felling in carrying on the back Teng green mountain, she all forgets not to drop during a lifetime.
  She this lifetime, never and so feel'safety'lead, feel a mind quiet to lead.
  "If can looking at him like this forever, until wasteland in the sky is old, much good."Lin Qing Xin's bottom dark way, but brain in not from present a person's image, Lin Qing not from get one Zhan in heart, " not, I don't can entwine so a Teng green mountain again, at Anne the proper county city isn't so bad, can this is the Yang state city, if be discovered by him.Teng green mountain mess!"
  But at the thought of, no longer and the Teng green mountain meet, Lin Qing Xin's bottom how all have unwilling.
  Is big interest Anne Ling meet, is a predestination.
  The Anne proper county city can also meet, that is also the predestination.
  At present, but again meet at the Yang state city, even feeling Lin Qing this is a God is helping her.
  "The Buddha says that previous incarnation 500 time Mous just change wiping of this present life shoulder but lead.I and Teng green mountain, in a row three chance and opportunities strangely fits meet, this should be the predestination that a sky destines."Lin Qing Xin's bottom is bitter and astringent, " can ……I can not harm a Teng green mountain."The flounder of heart makes Lin Qing very hesitant.
  The Teng green mountain is tiny to shake head, waited for a day today, didn't see a younger brother again'green river'.
  "H'm?"The Teng green mountain suddenly notices inside music in coffee shop voice, is exactly Qin together 《 a game a dream 》.
  "Lin Qing, together Qin's song how?"The Teng green mountain is thin to say with smile.
  Lin Qing this just returns to absolute being, on listenning to, not from say with smile:"Is a game a dream?Together Qin is to once rework, but, this song is Wang Jie."
  ", I listen to song listenning to together Qin."The Teng green mountain says.
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