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there to return to Europe
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Hope to complete a connector for short more than 10 minutes, conjunction Europe and Asia of passage the strategic position be rated as matchless black pull Er of train station, Li Lie Jun doesn't know as well Brock Holt Authentic Jersey is should smile or should cry.If this is so the war Tang Nu Wu beam sea the camp probably will become national hero with the activity borrowing amazingly fast, but now he has to work out troops shortage and food problem and arrive to work well preparation for follow-up labor.O.K., under the strong drink and U.S. dollar offensive agree Ke Fu's major very aggressive match"capture" a work, at that moment the noon head criticizes 20,000 China works take five railroad trains respectively, from long spring through Middle East railroad, Siberia railroad toss around when 5800 kilometers spent one and half months to arrive agreeing Ke Fu's major not only brought 300 to be dressed in "volunteer" that Russia soldier soldier packed behind rifle's back, Bryce Brentz Authentic Jersey also from black pulled an Er motorcycle factory lane come livelong ten car skin originally should carry to front line, but because of having never receiveding transfer to orderany the beef and food of delay. "Thinking the way to send telegram returns to country, again conveniently ask to have what new order."Li Lie Jun was hesitant to repeatedly still plus end this, because when the window way sees this still just irritable dynamic industrial city from the third floor, he always feels that Yang Qiu decides to send army to Russia perhaps and not and so in brief, with his temperament each time Carl Yastrzemski Authentic Jersey military operation by all means is have already aimed at sex very much. For earn greatly of send army a fee and then send troops to the half hurl outside the Earth? When wireless operator engaged in mental drudgery to enlarge power to contact several thousand motherlands outside the kilometer, a the row row military authority train started sneaking into a public car to fly to long spring and accelerated to transport supplies at first too much, tens of thousands people the man was called up to transport the supplies to the pack with the dobbin, small Carlton Fisk Authentic Jersey car beginning head or got on the car a point most conveniently.The railroad department also gets just and too line and southern full railroad at the same time have to within a year completion standard track reformation work of any, and purchased from France the whole set to used for reforming the narrow gauge railroad train as the equipments of Russian broad gauge, including six sets among them can directly adjust luck capacity load car compartment to change the large derrick of bedrock. The Henan and several tens and large cotton state-run farm in Shaanxi just starts growing green seedling, this year and the coming two yearses of havings to produce drive national defense order all pack circle.The second and the third lunch meat processing plant beginning constucts in the Hangzhou, Mukden, the special kind steel base in Chongqing stop the whole common steel production, four industrial groups see sew to put needle to start recovering from luggage fully construct a task.At the same time, the national defense soldier inner part also appears to quietly adjust.Medium day post-war plan set surplus two beginning sets set up in the middle of five teachers for setting up.
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