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HO CHI MINH CITY, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- Ly Hoang Nam, Vietnam's top tennis player, had a lopsided victory of 6-2 at a quarterfinal match at the Men's Future tennis F5 in southern Vietnam on Friday.


Nam defeated Shinta Fuji from Japan on Friday after beating defending F4 Future Dayne Kelly from Australia on Thursday in the southern province of Binh Duong.


In the coming semifinal match, Nam will meet the winner of another quarterfinal game between two Chinese players Bowen Ouyang and Xin Gao.


Men's Future tennis series, including 9 events from F1 to F9, are taking place from July 25 to Nov. 6 in Binh Duong, with the participation of 68 players from 41 countries and regions.


Men's Futures are a series of professional tennis tournaments held around the world by the International Tennis Federation. The cash prize for each event is 10,000 US dollars.


Fashion is a perfect opportunity to express your personality. To make sure that one is very stylish  John Carlson Jersey , here are some pointers that should be taken into account.


Find your style
This has definitely got to be the most important considering that one would not be comfortable in clothes that they do not like regardless of how fashionable they might be. One should therefore find clothes that the like and are most suitable for them. For the people that are shy, lightweight material will come in handy whereas the people that have got a bold personality will require to wear colors that are bright and use accessories. Make sure that the style that you are choosing is one that defines you best and you actually like it. If you want sportswear go to the sporting goods jerseys stores, as you will surely find something interesting there.


Go for some lessons on style.
One should actually browse through the pages of fashion magazines and the fashion websites and get to know the latest trend in fashion. Getting to see the celebrity outfits will not hurt either. To get what you like  Braden Holtby Jersey , simply walk into the sporting jerseys stores and buy something. Look at the people around your office, such as colleagues or friends, and examine their fashion style  Andre Burakovsky Jersey , as you can learn a lot and you can get an idea of what you like and dislike.


Find out what clothes suit you
Considering the fact that not all our bodies are the same and are not similar to the supermodels, get to know your right sizes and generally the clothes that fit you best. Make sure that the clothes that you are wearing are not exposing your navel, the blouses should not be too tight  Philipp Grubauer Jersey , too long and the trousers should not be too short. All this will be a disadvantage even if you choose stylish designs.


Make sure that you are aware of how to make an aoufit
I am sure that there are quite a number of classy clothes in your closet but you can never look as classy if you are not willing to try different combinations. Learn what colors match and also how to avoid a monotone outfit. Make sure that you are also aware of which clothes ought to be matched to certain events and also when to wear heels or even maybe a pair of boots from the sporting goods jerseys stores.


Make sure you know how to accessorize
Accessories may save a boring outfit and can be a real statement of style, but can as easily destroy an outfit or make you look ridiculous. Learn how many jewels are too many, on what occasion to wear a hat and if you opt for a shoulder bag or an envelope purse.


Be creative
One can also create their own clothes Need a dress? Do not buy one  Christian Djoos Jersey , create your design. In case you still have doubts in your skills to design one, get a tailor to do it for you. In the end, the results are the same as you will end up with a dress that is quite unique. Or you can grab one already made from sporting goods jerseys stores.


You can combine outfits from old and new clothes
One should once in a while go through their wardrobe and select what they like. Throw or give away all the clothes that are not good and buy new ones that you really like. The best advice for the people that like the sports clothes is to simply go to the sporting goods jerseys stores. Make new outfits combining both new clothes and old clothes.


Have faith in yourself
The most important is to be confident! At the end of it all  Devante Smith-Pelly Jersey , make sure that you exude confidence when wearing the clothes as it is the man that makes the clothes and not the other way round. Finally, you ought to be very satisfied with your skin.


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HARARE, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- While social media has proved to be an effective medium of communication  Madison Bowey Jersey , the Zimbabwean government is worried that some people are abusing it with the intention to cause political chaos and prop up the opposition ahead of the 2018 elections.


The recent panic buying of basic commodities where some shelves were literally emptied in retail shops while prices of some goods skyrocketed has been attributed to false social media, with the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa warning that the government would take drastic measures against "economic saboteurs."


Chinamasa said while Zimbabwe had its challenges, there were attempts by some forces to destabilize the country through triggering economic turmoil  Lars Eller Jersey , New Ziana reported Thursday.


He said false messages on social media had spurred panic buying which had resulted in artificial shortages of fuel and goods as people rushed to hoard the commodities.


"It came to most of us as a complete surprise and in fact it was like a bombshell because there were no shortages in the market and what happened was not in sync with the prevailing situation in the economy at all," the finance minister told a media .  Jerseys Wholesale    Cheap Jerseys China    Cheap Jerseys China    Cheap Jerseys Online    Cheap Authentic Jerseys    Cheap NFL Jerseys Shop    Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys    Wholesale Jerseys China    Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys    Wholesale NFL Jerseys China 

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