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LONDON  Authentic Shaq Thompson Jersey , April 17 (Xinhua) -- British Prisons Minister Sam Gyimahannounced Monday that the country has set up its first specialistsquad to tackle the threat to prison security posed by drones.


The squad, comprised of a specialist team of prison and policeofficers, will work closely with national law enforcement agenciesand the Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to inspect dronesrecovered from prisons, in a bid to identify and track down thosewho attempt to smuggle contraband to inmates.


Minister Gyimah said: "We are absolutely determined to tacklethe illegal flow of drugs and mobile phones (cellphones) into ourprisons and turn them into places of safety and reform."


"The threat posed by drones is clear  Authentic James Bradberry Jersey , but our dedicated staffare committed to winning the fight against those who are attemptingto thwart progress by wreaking havoc in establishments all over thecountry.


"My message to those who involve themselves in this type ofcriminal activity is clear: we will find you and put you behindbars."


The newly-formed team will include staff from the police andHMPPS. They will bring together intelligence from prisons and thepolice nationwide and then pass to local forces and organized crimeofficers.


The announcement came following the recent successfulconvictions of a number of offenders, including two offenders, drugdealer Remo White-Channer and robber Romaine Gayle, both 24 andfrom London.


Their collective sentence spans over a decade  Authentic Taylor Moton Jersey , the longestsentence of this type after a joint operation taken by the policeand prison officers during which the two were caught.


The two were jailed for six years and six months, and four yearsand four months respectively for attempting to flood prisons acrosscounties around London with contraband worth around 60,200U.S.dollars.


The pair had tried to use drones to fly packages containingcannabis, spice and heroin  Authentic Greg Olsen Jersey , as well as phones into three differentprisons.


"The strong sentences send a clear message that those foundflying drones into prisons will face significant time behind bars,"said the MoJ.


Three others have been jailed for attempting to smuggle drugsand mobile phones into prisons in England.


The MoJ said the new squad is the latest step in efforts todisrupt the flow of drugs and mobile phones in prisons.


Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss has secured funding for 2,500extra frontline prison officers, as well as introducing mandatorydrug testing and the training of over 300 drug detection dogs.


The government has made it a criminal offence to possess anypsychoactive substance in a prison  Authentic Kawann Short Jersey , an offence punishable by up totwo years behind bars.


A 3.8 million dollar intelligence hub to tackle gang crimebehind bars has also been established by Truss. Enditem

Finance > Insurance > Car InsuranceNew Driver Car Insurance - How To Save Money With Your New Driver

Posted by nick_niesen in Finance on October 29th, 2010


Car insurance companies view new drivers as inexperienced drivers; therefore, new drivers usually have higher car insurance premiums than older drivers, who are considered more experienced drivers.


Even though new drivers are inexperienced drivers  Authentic Trai Turner Jersey , their car insurance premiums do not have to break the bank. There are ways to save money, especially if the new driver has a family member with an existing car insurance policy.


 Make sure he or she enrolls in a driver education course. Some high schools provide driver education courses. If your teen s high school does not, enroll him or her in a driver education course offered by a private company. The driver education courses offered by private companies are also available for older drivers; therefore, they could help the new  Authentic Cam Newton Jersey , older driver save money on car insurance.


 If your new driver is a teen, ask the car insurance company about Good Student discounts. Some car insurance companies offer discounts to teens who make good grades in school. It is a winwin situation!


 Military discounts are offered in some parts of America to active and even retired military personnel. If your new driver fits either one of those descriptions, ask the car insurance company about such a discount.


Getting you own PC cracked while in the middle of crucial work session is definitely be an unsatisfied situation. You don’t know how can you deal with it and so lose concentration regarding your work mainly because your pc wants all your observation. What you are able to perform in scenario like this? You may want to call a computer technician or get to the nearest PC repair shop; or you can attempt to take care of the problems by yourself.


Below are some suggestions to help you get a selection no matter if you need to immediately bring your personal computer to a computer repair expert or should you attempt to fix the issues yourself initially.


1. What’s Happen?


Figure out what exactly is wrong with your personal computer. A moment that your particular computer stop working does not necessary means that it truly is broken. It might be a result of some software program conflicted which causes the frozen of your machine and in this case you onl.  Cheap Soccer Shirts    Cheap NFL Shirts    Cheap Football Jerseys    Wholesale Hoodies    Wholesale NHL Jerseys    Wholesale NCAA Jerseys    Wholesale MLB Shirts    Wholesale College Shirts    Wholesale Soccer Jerseys    Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 

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