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More Styles of Desks for you to Consider Family Articles | August 29  Cheap Sacramento Kings Hats , 2009

There are many desk styles available, and we have already looked at a few. These range from antique styles that are becoming popular again, to modern computer desks. Take a look at the next set on the list of the many desks available, to learn what appeals to you.

Last month we started looking at different styles of desks, ranging from hundreds of years old to newer styles. We were talking about the desk styles listed below and got through the top five. Today we will look at the next five desks on the list.

Early desks
Slant top desk
Fall front desk
Wooton desk
Bargueno desk
Trestle desk
Bureau a gradin
Rolltop desk
Armoire desk
Student desk
Corner desk
Steel desk
Computer desk
Portable desk

Bargueno desk - this old style desk is also known as the Vargueno  Cheap Sacramento Kings Hoodies , and was first produced in the 15th century, originating in Renaissance Spain. Bargueno desks were one of the early portable desk styles, and resembled the top of a fall front desk. The front panel would fold down to form the writing surface, and at the same time expose multiple small drawers and pigeon holes for paper, pen  Cheap Sacramento Kings Shirts , ink, blotters and other necessary supplies. It was typically made of wood with iron carrying handles on the sides. The desk could be used on a table top, but often came with a ready made support; either an elaborate chest of drawers or a more portable small trestle table. Regardless of what these desks look like on the outside, you are almost guaranteed that the inside will be much more decorative.

Trestle Desk - this is a simple style that has a flat writing surface with a couple of small drawers underneath. It has only two legs, one on each side  Cheap Sacramento Kings Jerseys , which are quite wide, with two feet at each base (looking from the side, it resembles the letter "I". There is also a cross bar in the middle attaching the two legs together, offering greater support. This style is often seen today as a larger trestle dining table.


Bureau a gradin - another simple, antique desk with a flat writing surface with a couple of drawers like the trestle  Cheap Anthony Tolliver Shirt , but it has four standard legs. Then it has a one or more tiers of small drawers and pigeon holes on top along the back for writing supplies.


Rolltop Desk - This style from the 19th century is still popular today. It normally has drawers down both sides, and a series of small drawers and cubbies on top. Then there is the roll down cover made of slats which allows the work area to be closed away. Similar to the rolltop desk is the tambour desk, but instead of rolling down, the tambour doors slide open, with the two doors sliding sideways.


Armoire - this style of desks is contained within a large cabinet that can close up to resemble a large armoire. The two large doors open and usually slide along the sides of the armoire or hinge all the way open. This style has adapted wonderfully to modern use. Inside there is usually a slide out work surface that will fit a computer  Cheap Justin Jackson Shirt , also there are upper shelves and cubbies for storing items, and sometimes a lower area for a CPU. I have even seen some styles with a small file drawer. This type of desk is great if you want to be able to close your desk area away to keep a neater appearance in a small room. It also protects your computer and peripherals from dust.?


This has been just a quick look at the next five desks on the list, and you can tell that though there are similarities in desk styles, they each have something unique to help them stand apart. Many antique desk styles are becoming popular, so it is nice to know that your option when looking at desks is more than you see in your local business supply store.

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