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Question: 1

A premier customer for Universal Software needs access to confidential product roadmap
information. To securely send this information using content delivery, what step should a sales
representative take? Choose 2 answers


A. Require the customer to enter a security token to download the content.
B. Remove access to the content after a specified date.
C. Require the customer to enter a password to view the content.
D. Require the recipient to log into Salesforce to access the content.


Answer: B  Dexter Fowler Jersey ,C


Question: 2

A customer successfully places an order with UC for five widgets. The order is activated in
Salesforce and the products are shipped to the customer, One week later the customer return one
widget. What is the effective method of recording the event in Salesforce?


A. Change the quantity value on the order product to 4
B. Create a custom field on the order product object
C. Create a return order under returned orders
D. Create a new sales product with quantity set to -1


Answer: C


Question: 3

Universal Containers has noticed a sizeable decrease in the number of sales representatives
who are meeting their quotas. What should be evaluated to determine the cause of this decline?
Choose 2 answers:


A. Trending report on won versus lost opportunities
B. Percent of converted leads per sales representative.
C. Comparison report of forecasts versus converted leads.
D. Activity history report on open and closed opportunities.


Answer: A,D


Question: 4

Universal Containers has a private sharing model and wants the ability to share documents
related to an opportunity, such as contracts and proposals  Matt Carpenter Jersey , with the field sales team.
How can the documents be shared efficiently and securely?


A. The documents should be emailed to the sales team on the opportunity record.
B. The documents should be uploaded to chatter files and shared with the field sales organization.
C. The documents should be uploaded to chatter files from the opportunity record.
D. The documents should be uploaded to a library that is shared with the field sales organization.


Answer: B


Question: 5

The shipping department at Universal Containers is responsible for sending product samples as
part of the sales process. When an opportunity moves to the "sampling" stage, Univ.  Wholesale Nike Air Jordan    Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes    Cheap Nike Shoes Online    Wholesale Kids Nike Shoes    Wholesale Nike Shoes    Wholesale Nike Running Shoes    Cheap Air Max 270 Light Bone    Cheap Air Max 2018 Online    Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium    Cheap Air Max 270 Shoes 

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