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Baby Shower Gift Registry
Just as with weddings  Cheap Men's ECCO Slip On Ocean Blue Ireland Sale , couples today can now register in person or online at most of their favorite stores. This provides the couple an opportunity to determine the gifts they will receive, specific colors, sizes, and so on. Additionally  Cheap Men's ECCO Casual Shoes Brown 53830 Ireland Sale , with so many companies offering online baby shower registers, both high end and affordable stores can be chosen so every guest can choose their price range.

Interestingly, some people still consider baby gift registers as cold and impersonal. You want the guests to know that the gift is their choice since it is something that comes from the heart. To ensure no one is offended, wording is very important so the recommendation of using the gift registry is not seen as offensive.

Remember  Cheap Men's ECCO Aurora Mid Boots Black Ireland Sale , you do not want to include the information about the gift registry in the invitation. Now, some people will add this information on a separate piece of paper slipped inside the invitation but etiquette experts state this is an incorrect way of handling it. Instead, when the guests reply with the RSVP, you can then send them a note in the mail or via email  Cheap Men's ECCO Soft 8 M High Top Boots All Black Ireland Sale , providing the gift registry information.

This message could say something like, ?Thank you for your confirmation for attending John and Sue's baby shower. We look forward to you joining us for the celebration of life and enjoying this time of fellowship among family and friends. Although baby gifts are welcomed, they are not mandatory. If you are unsure what the couple needs, they have registered at a few stores to include.?

With this  Cheap Men's ECCO Mid Top Boots Black Ireland Sale , you are advising people that gifts are not necessary and that if they do not have an idea of what to buy, they can check out the registration if they like. By giving people options, they do not feel obligated to buy something specifically chosen by the couple. After all, some people may prefer to make homemade gifts and they should have the option of doing this if they wish.

The great thing about baby shower registers is that the couple eliminates the potential of receiving two of the same thing. Therefore  Cheap Men's ECCO Mid Top Boots Brown 633297 Ireland Sale , rather than direct people what to buy, it becomes a practical approach to gift giving. Baby gift registration is also a time saving tool. Since most couples are tired and the mother-to-be may not be feeling full of energy, the option of choosing items online is a huge benefit.

About the Author

Cathy is the Owner of Baby Shower Moments and the author of Baby Shower Moments A to Z Guide. If you are looking for baby shower Gift Registry ideas pay Cathy a visit. Are You Setting Up A New Small Business - Do You Have A Business Plan? Business Articles | February 16, 2009

If you have any doubts about whether you should have a business plan you wont after you have read this article. Read the list of what is in a business plan and you will realise how it benefits everyone for you to do one.


Copyright (c) 2009 Kaye Dennan


Most people who go into small business want to borrow money. Whether you do not have the cash to go into business or whether it is because you are doing so to get the tax benefits it does not really matter. The fact of the matter is that to get a loan you should have a business plan to take to your lender.


You see  Cheap Ecco Moccasins Shoes Ireland , a very high percentage of small businesses fail in the first 5 years and mostly it is because of finance either at the beginning or the finance to grow the business as required during that time. If it is not the finance it is more often than not the fact that the owner has no marketing strategy and eventually the business fades into oblivion.


To convince a lender to give you money you need to be able to prove to them that you know what you are doing and what you plan to do in the next 5 years. Gone are the days when you can walk into a bank, like I did 30 years ago and ask for a loan and have the bank manager say with a big smile on his face: "I like the look of you, I will definitely lend you the money."




The idea of a business plan is to let your lender understand:


- that you know what your proposed business is all about


- how well you understand your proposed business


- that you have analysed the business ownership structure


- that you have talked to your accountant


- that you have a very good budget for setting up the business and also for the ongoing running of the business


- that you have researched your product or products


- that you have had a good look at what your competition is doing in their business


- that you know the legal obligations of the business


- that you have a marketing plan and the funds to pay for it


- that you have had a look at your goals for the next 5 years


- most importantly how you plan to pay the money back


I am sure you can see from this list that there is a lot to consider when making up a business plan and you can also see why a lender would want you to have one if you are planning on starting a small business on their money.


Earlier we mentioned a marketing plan, and it is also very important to have one made up and you should take a copy of the marketing plan with you when you approach your lender.


To sum up  Ecco Casual Moccasins Ireland , before committing yourself to anything in your small business you should have a business plan and a marketing plan already made up and in printed form.

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