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Problem Statement
Adoption refers to a process in which a person assumes the parenting role of another  Keylor Navas Jersey , usually a child from the child  biological and legal parents. In so doing, adoption, the person taking that responsibility permanently transfers all parental responsibilities and rights together with filiation from the biological parents of the child. Adoption effects a permanent change in the status of the child according to the recognition of the societal recognition through religious or legal sanction. People have different motivations to exploring adoption. However, the most important reason why adoption is a good thing are:
a) Adoption helps in providing a child with a loving family and home
b) Adoption helps in helping the child heal from the past pain and grief whether it might have come from neglects, being abandoned or abused.
c) Adoption helps a neglected, abandoned  Karim Benzema Jersey , or orphaned child get provided the necessary needs by a family that is not theirs.
Literature ReviewDiscussion
Adoption comes with mixed feelings for the child being adopted. According to Morgan (2006), adoption can be sad, scary, and a happy experience. Many adopted children see the best thing about adoption as becoming a member of a family and getting picked up by their adoptive parents (Moriguchi, 2012). Such children have previously listed about three worst things about adoption:
a) Leaving their biological family
b) The process of adoption took very long and had to wait for very long
c) They did not know much about the family in which they were being adopted
According to the survey, children would have wanted to be briefed in advance about a family in which they were being adopted and in which they were becoming new members. At the corresponding time  Jesus Vallejo Jersey , it should be noted that there is a big difference between adoption and guardianship or another system designed to ensure the child is cared for. When a child is adopted, there is a permanent change of their status, and they become recognized by the society through legal and religious sanction (Baccara et al., 2014).
According to history, we have societies that have enacted certain laws to govern adoption. We have societies which have achieved adoption through less formal means such as through contracts while specifying inheritance rights and responsibilities of the parents without accompanying that with the transfer of filiation. Modern systems, the 20th century systems of adoption tend to be easily and carefully governed by detailed regulation and statutes. The adoption of a child means permanent movement of the child from one family to another family where he becomes a new member. The process involves the legal transfer of parental rights to the new parents. Having been adopted  James Rodriguez Jersey , the new parents are given same rights and responsibilities similar to the parents where the child was born. Additionally, it means that the adopted child acquires all the social, emotional, familial, and legal benefits of the biological children of the family in which they move. Adoption happens through three different methods:
a) Public adoption agency 鈥?Refers to the state or country government agency in which legal custody has been bestowed of the child in foster care. It is also the responsibilities of such agencies to place children in adoptive homes.
b) Private adoption agency 鈥?This refers to the private agency under the license of a state to facilitate adoptions.
c) Attorney 鈥?A lawyer may be used for a private adoption but the lawyer.
Using the conflict theory, it can be said that the need for adoption is brought about by tensions and conflicts when a society has status  Isco Jersey , resources, and power unevenly distributed between groups (families) in the society. The conflicts, therefore, become the engine for changes in the society thus the need for adopting the children who find themselves caught between these tensions and conflicts. In this context, therefore, the need to have a child can be easily understood as control of material resources as well as accumulated wealth since without children that might be impossible. Additionally  Iker Casillas Jersey , to some extent having children either biologically or through adoption enable a person to have control of politics and the institutions making the society and a person鈥檚 social status about another status (Rotabi & Heine, 2010).
Children鈥檚 concern is a universal thing, and the success of a nation or society is determined by the life given to children today. Adoption is one of the many ways through which children are given the life they want to determine the kind of person they will be in the future. Having a decent level of upbringing determines the direction of the child in many ways. Therefore, adoption is a good starting point for the children without parents. The three articles have given a comprehensive highlight of adoption and ways this can be successful. The articles are easily understandable, and information therein can be relied on. Additionally, they conclude adoption as an alternative to having one鈥檚 children which in this case one cannot agree more than that. The topic is comprehensively discussed and understood.


Baccara  Gareth Bale Jersey , M., Collard-Wexler, A., Felli, L., & Yariv  Fabio Coentrao Jersey , L. (2014). Child-adoption matching:
Preferences for gender and race. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 6(3),
Moriguchi, C. (2012). The evolution of child adoption in the united states, 1950-2010: An
economic analysis of historical trends. Economic Review, 63(3)  Danilo Jersey , 265-285.
Rotabi, K. S., & Heine, T. M. (2010). Commentary on Russian child adoption incidents:
Implications for global policy and practice. Journal of Global Social Work Practice, 3(2).


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