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In my previous article  Kenny Lofton Womens Jersey , "Writing: It's a Crowded, Lonely Business" we discussed briefly what POD, or print-on-demand is, and what to look for in a POD publisher. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of POD publishing. To state it briefly, print-on-demand's strengths are also print-on-demand's weaknesses. Let me show you what I mean...


Anyone can be published -- even idiots and crackpots. In the world of POD publishing  Brad Hand Womens Jersey , the rule of the day is caveat emptor, or "buyer beware." Because POD allows just about anyone to print just about anything, the books offered by POD publishers are a mixed bag. Some POD sites offer user ratings and reviews with their books, and that's a definite plus, just pay attention to who is doing the rating and reviewing. It might just be the author himself!


You can write what you please. Just remember  Corey Kluber Womens Jersey , that doesn't mean people will be pleased with what you write. Traditional publishers will go with what is safe and proven ninety-nine percent of the time. With POD, the sky's the limit. Got an experience you want to write about and share with the masses? Have a particular interest you enjoy writing about? Have an experimental style of writing that you'd like to try out? Did you come up with a killer idea for a cool novel? Great! Go for it! Just remember that there is a reason so many manuscripts receive rejection notices from the big-name publishers: they just won't sell to a wide enough audience. Traditional publishing houses are about taking manuscripts, turning them into books, and making money with them. It's a gamble. Even with the books they do publish, there's no guarantee they'll turn a profit. Given the risks involved  Carlos Gonzalez Womens Jersey , going forward with an unusual, or eccentrically unique book is a rarity amongst traditional publishers.


Self-publishing through a POD let's you write pretty much what you want, with a few limitations, but that does not mean people are going to beat the doors down just to get a copy of your book. Sadly, you may learn the hard way why so many "regular" publishers turned you down. But please don't let that stop you from writing! If one thing doesn't work  Jason Kipnis Womens Jersey , try something else. Keep perfecting your craft and let your mistakes teach you, not discourage you.


You can write about any topic you please. Their are plenty of folks with specific interests who would love to have just one more book on their topic of interest. You could become their next favorite author. Just remember that niche markets are characterstically small. But a well-written work can garner you a loyal following, and that can spring board you into larger projects.


You get to be your own editor. The downside of that is that you get to be your own editor. One reason traditional publishers carry more clout than POD publishers is that the authors and manuscripts of books produced by traditional publishers must endure a long and drawn out process before a book ever sees light of day. Beyond the query letters, proposals, rejections  Hanley Ramirez Womens Jersey , and final acceptance of a manuscript, there is the editing. Then there is the editing. And finally, there is the editing. Did I mention editing? Everything about the manuscript is examined, picked apart, and re-examined. The author may have to do re-writes. He will definitely have to endure the agony of seeing his work ruthlessly scrutinized and questioned. It's a necessary part of the process. With POD publishing it's all on you  Edwin Encarnacion Womens Jersey , unless you hire someone to do it for you. If you are your own editor, be sure you know what you are doing.


If your excuse is, "Well, I'm just a storyteller. I'm not good at grammar," then you may just be writing your book for yourself. Your command of the written word is a reflection on you as an author whether you care to accept it or not. And that only covers the mechanics. As author you need to be passionate about your writing. As editor you must be brutal. Does everything in your story really belong there? Are all your characters necessary? Does everything they say make sense? Are they and their dialogue believable. Will anybody even care about this particular story? There is more to editing your own work than just spelling and grammar check.


Brick and mortar stores may or may not be interested in your book. Because POD books do not need to pass through the same filters as books produced by traditional publishers  Joe Carter Womens Jersey , most bookstores, particularly big-name bookstores, are reluctant to feature POD books on their shelves. Who can blame them? POD books are varied in quality; some are superbly written, some are just no good. Then there is the problem with returns. Most POD's do not have a return policy except on damaged books. They won't take a book back simply because a customer decided they didn't like it. So if a bookstore agrees to sell your book, what are they supposed to do if a customer wants their money back? This is a problem.


One solution is to offer your books to smaller bookstores on consignment. You provide the books at your own cost  Ricky Vaughn Jersey , and you split the profits with the bookstore owner, plus you agree to buy back any unbought or returned books. It isn't the best solution, but who said this was going to be easy? Besides, look on the bright side. People may LOVE your books and want more; and if that happens, the bookstore will want more of your books  Satchel Paige Jersey , too. That could lead to big dividends later.


There is nothing more exciting for an author than to see his name in print. It's like seeing your name on the marquee for an actor. Having people read your work and like it is an excitement that extends beyond words even for the best of writers. POD publishing is one way to accomplish that dream.

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