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Audiovox is an electronics company. They operate under the brands Audiovox  Wholesale Browns Hats , Jensen, and Advent. Audiovox products include car audio, home audio and home electronics. On November 1, 2004, Audiovox sold their Audiovox cellular phone subsidiary Audiovox Communications Corp to UTStarcom.


Audiovox Corporation is a major supplier of wireless communications products  Wholesale Browns Hoodies , mobile entertainment, security products and consumer electronics products. It ranks among the leaders in wireless products and is the industry leader in mobile video products. The company markets its products through two subsidiaries, Audiovox Communications Corp. and Audiovox Electronics Corp. Through these subsidiaries the company's products are sold to wireless carriers and their agents, retailers, distributors  Wholesale Browns Shirts , original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), and the U.S. military. The company is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol VOXX.


Audiovox cellular phone handsets are the most exciting wireless handsets in the market today! The company offers Audiovox cellular phones for everyone; from the business executive who needs instant access to the Internet, to the on-the-go teenager who needs to stay in touch with mom and dad. Featuring the latest technology and the most user-friendly features, you are sure to find an Audiovox cellular phone that best suits your lifestyle.


There are 5 classes (plus Accessories) of Wireless Audiovox cellular phones available to you:


Analog - A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of a radio transmission to convey information.


GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) - GSM uses narrowband TDMA which allows eight simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. Along with CDMA and TDMA it represents the second generation of wireless networks.


CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) - CDMA assigns a code to all speech bits, sends a scrambled transmission of the encoded speech over the air and reassembles the speech to its original form at the other end.


TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) - A method of digital wireless communications transmission allowing a large number of users to access a single radio-frequency channel without interference. Each user is given a unique time slot within each channel.


PCS (Personal Communications Service) - A second-generation digital voice  Wholesale Browns Jerseys , messaging and data cell phone system in the 2GHz range. PCS is supported mostly by GSM. PCS systems use a different radio frequency (1.9 GHz band) than cellular phones and generally use all digital technology for transmission and reception.


Audiovox cellular phones have lots of inherent features, like integrated digital cameras, color display, PDA functions etc. Audiovox cellular phones also have lots of accessories. With Audiovox cellular phone accessories you can gain greater access to the world around you and have fun at the same time.


Audiovox offers a full range of accessories including Audiovox cellular phone hands free car kits (required by law in some areas for using your cellular phone while driving), desktop speaker phones  Cheap Browns Hats , Audiovox cellular phone antennas and antenna boosters, holders, and cases. Spare or replacement batteries are also available for your Audiovox cellular phone, as are keypads.


Other accessories for your Audiovox cellular phone are: USB data cables and connectivity kits. An over the ear car headset will keep you hands free for other things like driving, working at your keyboard  Cheap Browns Hoodies , or even fixing dinner. Earphones and a microphone are great for those not comfortable with speaker phones. Cases and pouches will keep your Audiovox cellular phone safe from grime and impact. Some Audiovox cellular phones are also waterproof.


You have access to a plethora of faceplates for your Audiovox cellular phone. There is a wide collection of downloadable ring tones, graphic wallpapers, screensavers etc to jazz up your Audiovox cellular phone. You can get an MP3 player for your Audiovox cellular phone, rapid chargers; they even have a double battery charger so that you can charge a spare battery as well as your primary battery.


A holster or belt clip for your Audiovox cellular phone can be a useful alternative to the pocket or purse when you are out. Audiovox has a whole line of cell phones for you to choose from, some of which are the pre-paid Audiovox cellular phones that can help you avoid the excesses of provider calling plans. Cellular phone joysticks for gaming  Cheap Browns Shirts , an FM stereo headset and an ACDC wall adaptor for a car charger; all of these accessories are designed to make your Audiovox cellular phone even more useful and suited to your needs.

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Posted by jeffer121 on October 10th, 2014


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The Iowa Realty is the best place, where you can get many types of home for buying or selling. If the citizens of Iowa want to purchase any home or want to sale their home, then there is no need to roam everywhere  Joe Thomas Hat , because chris.iowarealty provides you many attractive offers for buying and selling homes.

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