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Swarovski jewelry may be this is good time for me
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It will only be swarovski charms sold from September to October, or whilst supplies last, and 10% of the proceeds will be going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, of which Pandora is a sponsor. Glad to hear it! I don't actually know why it wasn't released here, it's always puzzled me. Thank you very much, that's so kind of you to say - I always appreciate your comments, too! It's kind of nice for my wish list to be short right now, though. I have to say, this one looks so cute on a closer look, which is funny as I didn't really notice it from the initial preview pictures! I'm sorry that this is a little late this month - I have had some rather catastrophic computer problems (right before my dissertation was due in, too) and have only been able to edit the pics I needed for this post now. Argh. Technology.HaulSo, new to my collection this month are four things. And you've seen all of them before in various posts! I have a helper in the US and we often help each other out with various promos and things, so I have just stuck with sending things to her and getting her to forward them on to me, as I know it works so smoothly! But yes, international taxes can be really steep (and in the UK we also have expensive border duties, too), so you have to factor those in when you're looking at deals If you can't get it from estore, they don't list everything. By the way, Mora, you are doing a fabulous job with your update blogging on Pandora.


It's hard to make out the details on any of these, but I suspect that they are the same as the Australian gift sets pictured below. The sales lady told her that for now it is only in Russia, but Ukraine would be getting it in the Soring. Anne,In the US the Poetic Blooms Heart is available for purchase now. Just received my Dancing Lion in the mail from a trade with a really nice person in Australia. It doesn't stand out very much among all the other details. Oh no why did you mention your "vintage allure" charm. Ahaha, that's a very good description - do you mean the original plain silver penguin?Aw, I hear that the Easter Bunny will be going in the sales we have in Europe and the swarovski figurines UK after Christmas - so I'm hoping to grab him at a good price! I don't have any Easter charms so far. I think it is just a beautiful shade of green.


Spring InspirationThe preview also offers some insight as to the influences and inspiration behind the design of the Spring 2014 collection, citing pretty spring pastel hues, butterflies and flowers - pretty apparent from seeing the collection itself! If you're looking for a full overview of each piece in the collection, click here. What a great way to celebrate the new collection coming out, lol! Those live shots were just gorgeous! Every picture I've seen of the poetic blooms rings have been lovely. I went on the estore as soon as I saw the comments on your blog last night. I have wanted the white bangle since they came out. The stock was disappearing as I was trying to check out. My size was gone, went back later & was able to grab one. Even with shipping on one bangle the price is still less than 50% of original price (with 2 young kids I couldn't go around to stores today). If I wasn't saving for the sale next week I definitely would have got more. They had restocked some sizes online early this morning. Thanks again for the info. The Me & You dangle retails for £60 or $75 and features pink enamel and clear cubic zirconia. I purchased Eeyore, Ariel's dress, Ariel's murano and the Mickey/Minnie safety chain yesterday. So far I've gone for just the three pieces from Argento, but am very seriously considering the Teal Lattice swarovski earrings murano, the Up & Away Balloon charm and maybe the Teddy too. Sometimes it's a bit of a relief when only a few pieces call your name! I'm kind of happy that I don't need lots and lots from this selection. Two posts in one day! Thanks again for the hard work you put in to your blog.


I won't be interested in Pandora Shine, I just don't like plated jewellery. It is definitely tighter than my others, especially with the 4 muranos!Oh gosh yes, I'm excited for the new bracelet too! I've got the design I want to start on it all in place in my head I wonder whether I'll have the patience to wait for the US bracelet promo? I don't have any details on the technical specs on the new bracelet, sorry - I imagine Pandora will give advice on charm distribution if that's going to be a problem. Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. Ah, well if you wear a 16 usually then you may well struggle with the sizing of this one. I would say probably that you would want to go one size down, not two, though. But you won't find a 15cm version of this. It would be great to see Pandora experiment with a whole different range of clasp styles and designs. I imagine they'll venture much further into this once they've got these initial designs off the ground. Glad you enjoyed the review Marie, and thanks for commenting! Your combos look so pretty Ellie! The green is a really nice color and I like the charms you picked to wear on it. That's so nice to hear! Your picks are very similar to my favourites - the Wintry Delight, the polar bear, the snow globe and the holiday wreath, while the Celestial Wonder is also very pretty. These next campaign images show the jewellery styled on models. I have been eyeing one red and one white murano for my Xmas theme bracelet but yet to get any, swarovski jewelry may be this is good time for me? I will want to compare with current red and white smooth murano in person before i make decision. What do you think Ellie? Smooth murano or faceted murano?Chinese junk boat is pretty as well, will match nicely with piggy bank, lantern and chinese doll charm...In fact i'm agreed with Ellie, I'm not into Summer collection so far,nothing catch my eyes even for last year summer collection

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