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There are just ten professions to pick from
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It's been about six years since the online role-playing Tera game Tera began with an action-focussed combat system and a posh backdrop on the PC and created a good impression there. Now Tera Gold PS4 Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are allowed to enter the battle. Whether the rough charm of these conflicts has been preserved, we explain in the evaluation.

Tera was about mid-2012 on the PC at the start, my interest was reduced. Et al too because at the time I played with the Beta for Guild Wars two and invested a great deal of time at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Besides, I didn't need a second online RPG. Even if the intriguing combat system using its refreshing activity focus in addition to the dodging in real time was much closer to a Darksiders than a World of WarCraft. Meanwhile, the time I can put money into internet role-playing Tera matches has never increased. And on consoles, a wide selection of free-to-play agents are also fighting for favors: Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Skyforge, DC Universe Online as well as Path of Exile as largely classic Hack & Slay representatives prove to be tough competitors to Tera. Nevertheless, I had been curious and paid a visit to the dream world. How this has fascinated me longer than anticipated and will most likely lead to quitting here again and again is attributable to some unexpected strengths.

The scene is not among them. I can imagine that the Unreal driven Tera game world using their (at least in terms of scarce armor) Asian-inspired or motivated by anime figures six years ago on the pc managed to impress correctly. But on consoles you have problems with the huge locations. Even though there is no open, open world and you wind up in cases that are then loaded into memory, you will find problems with the graphics layout. Above all, if you're on the road to a different place in the atmosphere by Pegasus. Pop-ups, textual recharge, sometimes even sharp drops in frame rate, e.g. in one of those metropolitan areas using umpteen Tera Players on the way. Too bad this is also true on the premium systems of PS4 and One where I played. Technically Tera renders in these minutes many fantasies open - also and above all in comparison to the frequently clearly presented contest. In the absolutely existing regions, where everything is constructed when you are on foot or on the rapid available bracket, the Tera game universe leaves after six years, but only a maximum typical, albeit atmospheric impression.

But if you give buy xbox tera gold a chance regardless of these shortcomings, it's likely that at some stage you will quietly accept the technical shortcomings and staggered abruptly several hours into the free playable experience. Because even six years following its original release Tera shows some facets that can captivate and that are not available in additional online. First and foremost the combat system, I set to the test with four characters of various orientations (magician, berserker, mystic, archer). There are just ten professions to pick from, a few of which will also be determined by the elected people.
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