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#128490 von htbxMalty am 17.09.2020 um 07:58 Uhr
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#128487 von CtdjzaAw4 am 15.09.2020 um 14:11 Uhr
Awnwwnnw.. Eu sou a Geisa õ/ rsrsrs e que orgulho de receber uma homenagem tãããão linda como essa. Os maiores presentes são esses de pessoas tão especiais como vc.. Graciaaas *---* Mi hermanita que amo muito, maior presente da Dulce.
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#128486 von mG4RE2Wb am 15.09.2020 um 14:10 Uhr
Ben,I think the answer lies in sidestepping the academic journals (read: popularity contests) altogether, and using something akin to Robin Hanson's Prediction Markets in scbiice.Alcneiades
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#128485 von lHDKJCbJ2Q8L am 15.09.2020 um 14:10 Uhr
Dear Maener,Thank you so much for this posting. It is so encouraging to know that I don’t have to try to alleviate their pain and loss. All I really need to do is show up, express love and support for them. I know from my own grieving moments that just seeing the faces of dear friends who took the time to be present was all I needed them to do. Their thoughtful presence spoke everything my heart needed to hear.This gives me greater confidence knowing what I can do and should avoid when it is my turn to be present for others. Thank you again,Jeff
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#128484 von SSXLAqO2OYV am 15.09.2020 um 14:10 Uhr
“The leftie theory is with very high top tax rates there is no longer a reason to engage in quick-buck sce2ies.Re1;jumch. i’m guessing there is some truth to that theory. although i dont know to what degree.
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